Lost large amount of files due to system crash?

A computer crash describes a condition where a program either the application or operating system ceases to function properly and fails to boot the system. It can also be caused due to hardware failures. When such computer crashes happen, users cannot get any response from keyboard or mouse.

Consider a scenario, where you had an important receipt received from bank that was stored on your system for further use. After carrying out some operations you had performed a shutdown. When a urgent necessity arouse for that receipt to be submitted in the bank for an approval, you switch on the system and found that it has undergone a system crash. It’s obvious that you end up in a panic situation because the file you needed has been lost due to system crash. Don’t worry!! Such situations can be easily handled with the use of File Recovery software. This tool is designed with fast scanning algorithms that can recover files after system crash in just few minutes of use. So, if you are a user who have encountered a system crash and lost your valuable files then download and try this tool to check its effectiveness in recovering your files. If you are compelled to reinstall the OS due to some reasons and wish to get the files back then you have to use the File Recovery Tool. For further details do click http://www.recoverfilesafter.com/re-install.html.

Events causing loss of files due to computer crash:

  • Malware attack: Network comprises of many malicious threats called viruses. When they attack your system after an infected file is downloaded from the network and saved, it can spread around and infect all the files on your system including operating system files and cause computer crash. This results in loss of all the files infected by these viruses on your system.
  • Computer memory problems: Memory problems are one of the causes for system crash. If in a program an incorrect memory location is provided to read or write data or if an infinite loop is given your system can hang up. In such situations a system can crash and cause loss of files.
  • Operating system failure: Operating system failure is a well known cause that can lead computer crash. As operating system is the main component of the computer architecture and maintains the kernel core, any unusual behavior of operating system can affect the kernel which can tend to the cause system crash.

However, a crash is unavoidable but the chances for such event can be reduced by taking some simple steps like using antivirus software to scan files stored on your different storage media, managing the memory by optimizing it with a defragmentation process etc.

File Recovery software is a well advanced tool that has the capability to regain all the files that was lost due to system crash. It can retrieve files from Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista and from Mac operating system like Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard etc. It enables you to recover photos from HDD, memory cards, iPods etc.

Files content can be previewed after recovery so user can make sure that the file is actually retrieved back. This tool can accurately recover lost files from pen drives. Files deleted due to accidental format or deletion can be effectively recovered with the help of this software.

Following are some steps that describe how to recover files after computer crashes:

Step1: Install the software on your system by clicking the download button on this page. When the tool is launched click on “Recover Drives/Partitions” option from the first screen displayed.

Recover Files After - Main Screen

Step2: The software pops up the new screen with options “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”, select any one based on your data loss scenarios. On the next window select the storage drive from where you lost the files and click on “Next” option.

Recover Files After  - Partition Select Mode Screen

Step3: The scan process gets initiated and after it completes a new screen is displayed with a list of files recovered from that corresponding drive. Select the required files and store it back to your system after purchasing the product.

Recover Files After - Preview Screen